Sometimes I moonlight as a (amateur) photographer.

I recently picked up photography as a hobby and have been enjoying it a lot. Here are some of my favorite shots. Feel free to checkout Unsplash for high quality free downloads or contact me if you would like to use any of these photos.


  • Chicago River BW

    Chicago River BW

  • Chicago St. Regis BW

    Chicago St. Regis BW

  • Hakone Shrine

    Hakone Shrine

  • Kyoto Bamboo Forrest

    Kyoto Bamboo Forrest

  • Kyoto Gold Temple

    Kyoto Gold Temple

  • Kyoto Rainy Night

    Kyoto Rainy Night

  • Kyoto Night Street

    Kyoto Night Street

  • Suicide Forrest

    Suicide Forrest

  • Tokyo


  • Zion Rock Run

    Zion Rock Run

  • Zion